About us

Gedigo Piece of Finland produces high quality Nordic lifestyle
products for people on  the move.
All items are made of natural materials in the small Finnish town with a
long history of leather production, Kokkola.
As opposed to mass production, every single product is handmade and produced in
the most natural and organic way as possible.
This makes every product unique and one of a kind.

We care about the environment and therefore aim to produce sustainable products
that make as little impact on the climate as possible.
Gedigo Piece of Finland wants to help concerv and protect unique world natural
areas such as Arctic and the
Finnish Lapland. For us, the origin of the materials is very important. All products are made of material from the pure Finnish
nature and inspired by the harsh, wild Arctic.

Gedigo Piece of Finland is a combination of modern Finnish leather design and Wild Arctic mysteries.

Gedigo Oy Ab
Ristrandsgatan 1
FI-67100 Karleby
Email: info@gedigo.fi
Phone: +358 44 449 42 24